Hitfamilia Recording Studio is fully equipped, digital recording studio, offering recording, mixing, and mastering services at the best prices.

Hitfamilia prides itself on tailoring the individual budget and needs. Simply get in touch.


  • Jingles and Audio adverts
  • Music mastering and mixing
  • Recording


Mastering – post-production process that transforms a well recorded and mixed track to a commercially ready product. It is a final stage of any recording process. Track is processed using compression, equalization, noise reduction, limiting etc.  Track sequencing, levelling, fading, noise reduction and other signal restoration and enhancement takes place in the process.

NOTE:  Hitfamilia do not offer attended mastering sessions.

SAMPLES: Email one of your songs to info@hitfamilia.com for a FREE mastering sample. This will give you an idea of how your song will sound after mastering.


Preparation of your track for mastering:
  • Finished Mix must be in WAV.
  • Do not limit your stereo mix.
  • Do not normalize your mix.
  • Your audio should peak at level no higher than -3db or lower than -6db


Mixing – all the recorded signals are combined together, involves balancing the levels, dynamics, frequency content, stereo position and depth, also adding various effects such as reverb. 

NOTE:  Hitfamilia do not offer attended mixing sessions.


Whether you require a simple track or album, or EP we will work close with you to achieve the best standard of sound recording.

Equipment & Software

Cubase 7.5 – 64bit Advanced Music Production System
WaveLab 7 – Audio Editing and Mastering Suite
Waves Gold Bundle
Sonnox Oxford Elite
Sonnox Oxford Restore
Sonnox Oxford Restoration
iZotope – Ozone5 – Complete Mastering System
Reason 4.0 Propellerhead
Portable Yamaha Grand DGX-620 Piano
nEar 05 ESI Monitors
SE2200a Studio Microphone
Taskam MKII 64bit Sound Card
And more...

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