SITA – singer/ songwriter covering broad range of musical genres. In 2011 November 28th Sita released her very first long awaited album “When Dreams Come True”. 


Danny Richards Club Mix Teaser, a mixture of all new music by Sita, Danny Richrards, Creed MC, MC DT, Manic B, CKP , Munchie MC. 

Single “I Could Be Your Angel” is a Christmas song with a difference this song expresses the women  and her free choice and never ending conflict with her inner self, this track contains live uplifting Jazz instruments, top off with warm crispy catchy lyrical content provided by our very own Sita. This track is sure to question the minds of many.

Album “When Dreams Come True” by Sita is a mixture of a broad range of musical genres like Dance, House, Pop, Classical, RnB, Soft Rock, Reggae, Hip-Hop and Folk and it’s a mixture of two languages English and Lithuanian. Everyone can find a piece of themselves in Sita’s music.



Sita Temptres




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